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Constructions and Sole details
Construction method where an interlocking stitch is used to attach the upper, insole and outsole in a single step. The outsole is channelled to accommodate the external stitch, and then closed during finishing.
Mare Blake ICP
Double Sole Blake or welt + sole:
Construction where the above method is used to attach the upper/insole combination to a double leather sole (midsole and the outsole) or a welt/outsole in a single step.
Lordino Soft Blake ICP
Sport Blake 1/2 canalino
Rodano Blake ICP
Lordino Blake ICP
River Blake ICP
Para Blake
Gumlite Blake
Blake rapid:
Construction where the upper/insole combination is stitched to a midsole via the Blake method (internal stitch), and to this base the outsole is attached using a separate interlocking stitch run outside the margin of the uppers. In this case, the result can be either open channel or closed channel in regards to the outsole finishing.
Lordino Blake Rapid
Lord Blake Rapid
Tirolese Blake Rapid
Dainite Blake Rapid
1/2 Sestriere Blake Rapid
Tirolese Dainite Blake Rapid
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